How To Dress Your Bed Like A Pro

A bed is the place where your dreams are made, but many of us take for granted the place in which we sleep. Have you ever considered your bed as an element of your bedroom design, and not just a place to rest your head? There is a line between comfort and style that must be balanced in the bedroom. We put together some tips on how to dress your bed in fashion-forward, sensible way.

To Duvet or Not To Duvet: Do you love snuggling up in layers of blankets? A duvet is a soft, flat bag filled with down, feathers, wool, or a synthetic material. The bag can be removed and changed any time, leaving you with endless options of patterns and colors. A duvet can serve as a bed covering during the day, and be removed at night for optimum comfort. This is particularly great in the summer months, because you can simply take out the down blanket inside and use the cover as a light blanket.

A word of caution on some duvet users – the blanket inside the cover will shift and clump up. If you’re ready and willing to work with your bedspread, a duvet cover is right for you! 

Perfectly Positioned Pillows:  When it comes to pillows, the first thing you need to consider is the size of your bed. For a larger bed like a king or queen, you’ll need at least three pillows. Even if you only use one, having three pillows arranged when the bed is made is more aesthetically pleasing and gives your bed a balanced look. Try making your bed with two sleeping pillows and place a long body pillow or a decorative bolster pillow in front of them. You can also incorporate decorative pillows and place them on an ottoman at the foot of the bed when you go to sleep at night. Just make sure to use odd amounts and different shapes for visual interest.

Beautifully Balanced Bed Skirts:  If you have a platform or frame bed, a bed skirt isn’t necessary. If your bed frame has an unsightly metal rail, cover it with a box pleat skirt, not a ruffled bed skirt. This will create a modern look with clean lines. If the frame of your bed is decorative, show it off by tucking your sheets and covering under the mattress. You could also cover the base with a matching bed base wrap.Pull this look together with accent throw pillows at the top of the bed.

Headboard Highlights: Tufted headboards are all the rage right now, and have quickly become the main event in many bedrooms. A tufted headboard instantly adds a touch of elegance to any bedroom. The studs used to create the tufted impressions in the headboard can be simple or elaborate and in many colors and styles. The most popular tufting styles include diamond and square, which fit flawlessly into classic or vintage bedroom designs.

Soft Sheets:  You should always spend the money on good sheets. Thread count makes all the difference in the world, and can make or break your level of comfort! When it comes to making your bed, display your sheets by rolling down your comforter to expose them. This creates a simple, tailored look that makes crawling into bed at night easier.

Cozy Comforters & Thrilling Throws:  If you’re looking for something that doesn’t require a lot of upkeep but still looks fabulous, invest in a decorative comforter. Making the bed in the morning is as easy as pulling the comforter up completely and tucking it slightly under your pillows. Throw blankets are a great accessory for someone who enjoys changing their interior decor with the seasons. Throw blankets are a great way to add a pop of color to a neutral bedspread, and less expensive than a comforter or duvet covering.

Creating the perfect sleeping space is an investment in comfort and design! A bed with too many pillows can be overbearing to look at and getting into, but a bed with a lack of frills looks boring and unkempt. Cheryl

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